Business get more complex as it grows and it helps to have some expertise and advice at hand.
Corporate Advisors


You may be a firm of accountants, corporate finance advisors, lawyers or a bank.  From time to time you may find a company in need of some short term support.  That may be in various circumstances, e.g. during a fund raising exercise or preparing a business for sale. You may need a quick and effective solution, perhaps a part-time finance director or someone who can get the finance function in shape; there is experience available on tap.



Whether you are a private equity house, venture captial provider or business angel, occasions arise where you may need an independent management review of a prospective investment or a company in your existing portfolio. Perhaps there is the need to strengthen the board of an investee company with a non-executive director or Chairman. Help is on hand and at short notice.






I often find it surprising how large some businesses can grow before they finally realise they have to evolve the way they do things. Sometimes that realisation comes gradually and the management decide they need help but sometimes also it comes when something has gone badly wrong. There are tried and tested ways of doing things that can be brought to your business today.