The Business Plan is an extension of the Strategic Plan. It lays out in more detail how you will achieve the nearer milestones of your strategy. It will set out a comprehensive picture of your company, your resources and how they are and will be deployed. And over this you will need to cascade some numbers that demonstrate how your plan translates into revenues, costs and profit and how that runs into a balance sheet and cash flow. To do that, you need to be able to explain your business in terms of metrics, those processes that are drive activity through your whole business from sales and marketing to manufacturing, operations, service, recruitment and finance. From there you can use those metrics to build a financial model that mirrors as closely as possible the dynamics that drive your company. With that you create not only profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts but a model that demonstrates the activity, resources and working capital required to deliver your targeted performance.

AMW Consulting can help bring your business plan together and over almost two decades has developed a set of templates that can be easily and quickly customised to create profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts within days.